Monday, 31 December 2012

Screaming Blue Murder

Even after writing out my to do lists and seeing the sheer amount of models I've got to paint I still went out today and bought a box of Screamers. I was a huge fan of these when I saw them years ago but they've just gotten better with the plastic releases. The reason I bought them was that I was in the mood for some more crazy Tzeentch painting but I've not had much inspiration for my Lord of Change yet and my Horrors are the least inspiring of all the models I've painted even though they feature heavily in each game scenario I've run through in my head. As I've just done my Flamers I had nothing to satisfy my desire to go crazy so I trotted off to Merry Hill with Christmas money in hand so thanks to my nan and great-nan for that.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Cleaning My Act Up

After purchasing some second hand models a few weeks ago I've been wondering how to repair the awful paint job that was done by the previous owner. A lot of sites recommended using brown Dettol so that's what I went with. It's worked a treat but now my room smells like a hospital (fitting considering that my third nephew is being born tomorrow).

It was quite a simple method; fill a tub with Dettol, immerse the offending models into the liquid (making sure they're fully covered) and leave for around 24 hours. Tick tock, tick tock... So now we've waited, take a toothbrush and brush off the paint but not with water, just use the Dettol. Once all the paint is gone then rinse the models in water to get rid of the residue. Now I can paint them how I want instead of having to deal with an awful colour scheme that looks like it was applied by a very small child.

Burning the Midnight Oil

A flash of inspiration is sometimes all it takes to achieve something fantastic... Sometimes though it can just be some small children hassling you to show them what a large drybrush does, which is what happened today. As I was preparing some of my recently acquired models to have their paint stripped my nephews were asking what each brush and tool I own is for so I decided to just show them. I'd already base coated my Flamers in Mephistion Red and given them a wash of Carroburg Crimson but I had no idea where to go next. My demonstration of the dry brush technique had me use Troll Slayer Orange and from there my Daemonic muse took over and gave me the idea to carry on with the fire colours for the main body instead of the flames themselves. The next layer was another dry brush of Yriel Yellow followed by a 60:40 mix of Yriel Yellow and White Scar as both a dry brush and an edge highlight. Finally a very light dry brushing of White Scar around the edges of the mouths. The teeth were painted in the usual way (Zandri Dust, Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull). The flames were done in 3 different sets of colours; pink, purple and blue. The pink flames were done in Screamer Pink, Pink Horror, Emperor's Children and dry brushed in Changeling Pink (side note, I never actually used Changeling Pink when I painted my Changeling. Funny.) The blue flames were based in Caledor Sky, dry brushed with Calgar Blue, then with Fenrisian Grey. Finally the purple was done with Xerus Purple, then Genestealer Purple, Daemonette Hide and finally Slaanesh Grey. A lot of dry brushing but I'm very happy with the results. Oh also the eyes were picked out with Temple Guard Blue.

Friday, 28 December 2012

The "To Do" List

My Daemon army is really coming along quite well but naturally there are still a lot of models to be finished. Currently my list is as follows:
1) Lord of Change (edit: completed 17/01/2013)
2) 4 Pink Horrors (edit: completed 12/01/2013)
3) 3 Flamers (edit: completed 30/12/2012)
4) 2 Daemonette riders (edit: completed 18/01/2013)
5) 3 Steeds for Chariot
6) Assorted body parts for Chariot
7) 2 Daemonettes
I think I may have to alternate between my two armies in order to get everything done and I'll have to set aside time each week to do it as well as everything else I have to do. I need to get organised now though because it's getting a bit ridiculous that I'm filling my shelves up with unpainted models. I have a box of models (CSM) that I haven't even assembled yet so I think I should do that and then buy no more models until I've cleared my to do list.

Edit (3/6/2013): I did actually complete this to do list but I forgot to update it with the dates


I've recently acquired a battleforce for my Evil Marines so I've added 8 Khorne Berserkers, another 2/3 units of Chaos Space Marines, 5 possessed marines and a Rhino. I can't say I'm too taken with the Rhino but I guess it'd be ok to get my Berserkers into the action quicker. The only problem with these models is that some of them came pre-painted and the paint job wasn't exactly great so I've got to strip the old paint before I can paint them my way. I've also had to fix some of them as the units had the 4 marks of the Gods mixed in together and had weapons that they shouldn't have (like a Berserker with a melta gun or a Berserker champion with a mark of Tzeentch).

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Changing with the Times

As you can see, the Changer of Ways has been very much in my head today as I've not only assembled my Lord of Change but I've also (finally) completed The Changeling! It's a glorious day for Tzeentch, it really is.

The problem has been his staff; I didn't like it so it just blocked all desire I had to finish him but after going through my Chaos Space Marines (more on them in their space soon) I noticed the Tzeentch standard and it suddenly all fell into place. I've really been playing around with my highlighting lately and it really shows on the staff which I'm really pleased with. I've kept the details on the staff to the bare minimum because it had the potential to completely overwhelm the model which I really didn't want so while it's highlighted there are no bright colours.

The Greatest Change of All

My Lord of Change arrived today so naturally I had to assemble him. After examining all of my books and magazines that feature this Daemon I decided to have a little play with his stance to make him more dynamic and less like he's just standing there being boring. I wanted him to look like he's right in the action changing those enemies into the worm food of tomorrow.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Steady as She Goes

While I have been very busy lately I have managed to make some slow progress with my models. I've finally glued together my Chosen unit, converted and assembled my new sorcerer, and started prepping my Cultists. I've also fitted together one of my Thousand Sons too and Abaddon the Despoiler. I've decided now that I'm going to assemble everything I've got and then paint through it. This will serve the duel purpose of having a production line of sorts and allowing me to see precisely what it is I have to do so I can estimate when I'll need more stuff..

My new sorcerer is going to be Tzeentchian and have TS iconography but that's only so I can represent the Athanean cult with a sorcerer and also allow TS's to be troops instead of elite choices. I'm adding Green Stuff to the skull on his shoulder pad to paint on the Eye of the Athanean cult and I've added green stuff to the other one so I can paint on the Mark of Tzeentch. This sorcerer will have one power from Tzeentch but will take his other two powers from the Telepathy discipline in keeping with his cult origins. I have a sorcerer that combines both Nurgle and Biomancy and my Aspiring Sorcerer will have the Pyrae symbol (but unfortunately he will have to use the Tzeentch discipline and not Pyromancy). All I need to represent now is Slaanesh and I've covered the whole range of Chaos magic (I have an idea for a rather cool conversion for that so stay tuned). My conversion for my sorcerer was to take away his plasma pistol and give him an arm from a Flamer Daemon. In terms of gameplay he will have a combi-flamer but I thought it'd look very cool for a Tzeentchian sorcerer.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Killing the local flora

I finally managed to finish a model AND do some awesomeness with the base! As the model I was basing was my Great Unclean One it had to be pretty spectacular so I used dead grass, mordheim turf, PVA glue, a piece of slate and a Nurgling (of course).

I mixed the PVA with a little Tamiya X-27 but didn't mix it fully so that there would be variations in the strength of the red as the mix dried. What I'm aiming for here is a sort of mucus trail type look so I'll probably add more PVA to really make it shiny.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Corpulence is Bliss

After finishing everything I had to do today I found myself with a fair amount of time in which to do nothing. Now this has become very rare lately to have these moments so I evaluated my options and decided to paint my new (and first) Greater Daemon; the Great Unclean One.

I painted him in the exact same way as the Plaguebearers and the Nurglings (wash over white, thousands of layers for every minute detail etc.) but I took more time really making sure that every maggot, vein and bone was covered and the effect... Well, I'm extremely happy with him and he looks fantastic if I do say so myself.

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