Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Centennial Post

The Centennial
Well here we are, happy 100th post to this blog! Now I've been sat on a project for a couple of weeks now which I thought would be great for my 100th post and that's my repainted Daemonettes. Alongside that (first picture is above) is my Sorceress of Slaanesh. Read on for more information...

The Daemonettes now actually match all of my other Slaanesh units in their skin and I've perfected the armour so I think I'll be repainting my Herald's armour to match (can't strip her colouring though because she's resin and not plastic). Now I've painted the majority of the armour in gold (Balthasar, Gehenna's and Auric Armour but no Golden Griffon because I want the shine and I feel that the Golden Griffon would lessen the shine) but there are a couple of silver and brass parts just for a little variation. Now I like this colour scheme because at first glance they just look like naked women but then upon closer inspection their Daemon nature becomes more apparent. When I say glance I mean a literal glance because obviously they are just plastic so they can't actually change from women to armoured evil things from hell. Now they look naked because the gold and the flesh tones blend very well with each other and it's an effect I'm quite pleased with.

Now there's also another project I'm featuring today and I have to say that of everything I've painted she is one of my favourites. Introducing Andrea Peccato; Sorceress of Slaanesh. I know what you're thinking; that's a male model so it can't be a Sorceress and to you, gentle reader, I say one thing. It's a bit of plastic and I say that it's a woman. No I'm kidding, I'm not really that childish. Yes the model does appear in all respects to be male and in fact it is the limited edition Interrogator-Chaplain from the Dark Vengeance set but I really liked how the model looked really evil so now it's a Chaos Sorceress. I've even created a little back-story to explain why she doesn't look very she-like and that is that she killed and impersonated her twin brother Andre Peccato to become one of the original Emperor's Children Astartes. Even before augmentation she was a very powerful Psyker and she used her powers to appear as her brother even on a genetic level. She was even able to not register as a Psyker which allowed her to join the Emperor's Children (who refused to allow Librarians because the Pyker gene was considered an impurity) and she maintained the disguise until the events on board the Pride of the Emperor. During the performance of the Maraviglia by Bequa Kynska (herself a pretty depraved individual even before Slaanesh started whispering sweet nothings) the ensuing orgy of noise, lust and death that summoned the Daemonettes caused Andrea to completely give up control and her fa├žade was revealed. Fulgrim himself personally congratulated her on the single most perfect deceit he had ever known (though it is worth noting at this point he was possessed by a Greater Daemon so it's possible that the Daemon simply saw her potential power as an asset) and personally decreed that she was to remain in the Legion. She survived the events of the Istvaan system as well as the Battle of Terra and retreated to the Eye of Terror where she has been slowly consolidating power and perfecting her particular craft but she still wears the armour meant for her brother to remind her of the sheer pleasure she felt when she killed him and took his place.

Now there are 33 different colours on this model and if you honestly think I'm going to list them all then you're going to be sadly disappointed but I will say that absolutely everything on there is colour schemes I've done on other models except for the censure at her belt. That was done in Warplock Bronze, drybrushed with Balthasar Gold and another drybrushing with Golden Griffon. The smoke was black and drybrushed with Cabalite Green, Warpstone Glow and Moot Green. I've only used one ink and that's Seraphim Sepia on the scroll on the shoulder pad. On the subject of you may be wondering what I wrote on the scroll and that is her surname Peccato which happens to be Italian for sin. I was going to go for Latine (like on my Bloodletter banner) but the scroll wasn't big enough nor could I write any smaller and I think 3mm is small enough as it is so I switched to the vulgar tongue aka Italian. Before anyone gets offended that's what they used to call the Italian before it overtook Latin as the dominant language of Italy so I'm not trying to upset anyone. Besides I'm part Italian myself. By the way the rebreather/backpack/whatever you want to call it is going to have a Mark of Slaanesh attached to it so I just have to paint and attach it.

Anyway I've put the images below partially because I want them all together and partially because I'm too lazy to move more than a maximum of 2 so apart from the 2 above they're all below. Enjoy and happy centennial to my wonderful readers. Looking forward to seeing you at the bi-centennial post.

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