Monday, 29 October 2012

Growing up

My latest addition to my paint collection is a mould effect from Modelmates. It's not quite the same as the rust effect but it's still pretty cool and now that I've figured out how to use it right it looks great. I used it on Kranon (new name still a work in progress) and while I slightly messed up in one area I figured out how it works and there's another area I absolutely love which is on the inside.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Riding the Waves

Brain waves that is. I finally figured out why I didn't like my steed and it was all the block colour. I like purple but I like variation and that was the problem so I changed the colour of the scales and now it looks and feels right. The purple and blue really stands out against the gold but then the armour blends nicely so it adds a sense of theme throughout the model. I'd like to say it was intentional but it was a complete accident that I've replicated.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Riders Required

Today I've started the Daemonette riders on my Exalted Seeker Chariot in line with The Masque (who recently came close second in a painting competition) so they are unnatural in the natural way they look with flesh tones and muted shades.

I've finished the Exalted Alluress (all bar her whips) and I've put her in position on the chariot but not glued her so I can see what it looks like and I quite like how it looks. At a glance she blends into the chassis but the more you look the more the eye is drawn to her which just embodies what Slaanesh is all about. I'm going to leave the horns black so that she doesn't become too bright and ruin the illusion.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Spreading the Word

Today I've assembled my Aspiring Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons Legion and my Dark Apostle (who is the centre of my internal debate as to which Legion he should belong to). I have to say that while I prefer to work with plastic, the detail on the resin is AMAZING! I know I've dealt with resin with my Daemons but this is just... Wow.

Staff Shortage

As you know (if you read the last post on the subject) my Changeling staff was... Diminished. By that I mean I accidentally broke the top off of it so I was thinking of whether I wanted to put it back on or find something different to do. Well, dear readers, I found something else to do... I stuck two Chaos icons back to back and then added those to the staff instead. The staff is now less imposing but I like it; now the focus is entirely on the body and the detail of the robes as opposed to seeing the staff first. I haven't painted it yet but I've taken a couple of pictures so see below.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Relentless by name...

Due to my lack of anything to do today I've not only made the progress I posted about before but I've also managed to pretty much finish Kranon the Relentless. I've actually quite enjoyed painting him as he's quite detailed and I've never painted Death Guard before. I did paint some plague marines many years ago but they weren't painted in chapter colours, they were in Nurgle colours.

Time of Decay

Today I've started to paint Kranon the Chaos Lord (who will be renamed to something more Nurglesque at a later date) as a Death Guard lord.

So far I've done a base coat on the armour in Ceramite White and then washed over with Agrax Earthshade. I was going to use Nuln Oil but I figured the brown would look more decayed than black. I'll go over the large areas with White Scar and then go over the raised areas with Nurgling Green. I'll then use the rust effect paint on areas of the armour to make it look like it has slowly decayed over the last 10,000 years. I plan on acquiring other weathering liquids to add more effects of decay such as mould and limescale to make my death guard that much more rotten. For now though, here's my current progress.

Signs of change

Last night saw some drastic changes to The Changeling such as the arms all being finished and runes painted onto his robes. At around less than half a centimetre each the runes really were a pain to paint but apart from a little tidying up on a couple of them that needs to be done I'm pleased with how they've turned out.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Change is upon us

My poor Changeling has been feeling neglected of late so I've decided to make it my mission this week to finish him.

Last night I did a Drakenoff Nightshade wash over the robe and then painted each of the arms in the various colours of Chaos. I did paint the Tzeentch arm blue without even thinking but when I stopped I realised that the arm would blend into the robes and that's not good.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Difference of opinion

Since the release of the new Codex I've been trawling the Internet for the slightest hint of legion-specific rules. As it turns out, it doesn't look like there are any so I'm just going to paint mine as all different legions, starting with... DEATH GUARD :D Now you may wonder why I've gone for Death Guard when I love the Thousand Sons but I just want an excuse to use more of my rust effect paint which wouldn't exactly work well with the bright and shiny look of the Thousand Sons.

I've been looking into their colour scheme and while most pictures show green plague marines I think they'd look much more striking if they are wearing their pre-heresy colours, but weathered and looking like they've really taken a beating over the last 10,000 years. As a result I've decided that their armour will be white and they will have the same pre-heresy marks on their armour (chapter etc) but over the top will be the Nurgle mark and lots of rust, bullet holes and strike markings so as with the Plaguebearers I did in my Daemon army, the focus will be the detail. I'll experiment first but I'm pretty sure it will look good.

I do plan on painting my cultists as just ordinary people though, just so that they'll fit into any legion really. My Helbrute will probably be Death Guard as well but I'm not sure just yet.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

All is rust

I finally ordered the rust effect paint I talked about in my Plaguebearers post and it came this morning :D So naturally the first thing I did was use it and my God is that stuff amazing! It has completely changed the look of them from a bit gross to being total minions of pestilence.

The effect is absolutely amazing and it's easy to use. The paint itself is Modelmates Rust Effect and each layer changes the depth of the rust. Now it says that it's a dye but I'd go further and say its basically liquid rust because when it dries it looks (and even feels) like actual rust which I think is actually amazing.

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