Thursday, 22 June 2017

Return from the Warp

Well I've been away for some time huh?! So much has happened... My Necron army grew and then I lost inspiration for it so I sold it on, SO MANY NEW MODELS!!! Finally a whole new edition has just hit the shelves so I figured what better time to get back to the blogosphere than now?

I've rededicated myself to the Chaos Gods and while I was focusing on Tzeentch completely the new Death Guard models in the Dark Imperium set were too good to pass up! Plus I want to field all of the Daemon Primarchs when they get released and I can't have them sat alone on a shelf... they need friends. I'm also getting into Age of Sigmar as well and even recently played in a tournament in which I didn't come last. As you can probably guess I am also playing Tzeentch there too but I do have a force of Sylvaneth which I dip in and out of when I need to switch away from blue and craziness. Or even blue craziness (there's some of that going on as well),

So back to current projects; My main project is my Thousand Sons army and I'm making some excellent progress. Magnus is really coming along, my Knight has had yet another recolour but this one is going to stick I've also got 20 of the new plastic Rubric Marines on the go, Scarab Occult, Tzaangors and I'm also working on a few vehicles. For my Death Guard I have the contents of two Dark Imperium boxes (I traded my Primaris with a friend). Sylvaneth are a labour of love and I'm not sure when I'll go back to them but they're there ready and waiting. Might make an effort to finish Alarielle once Magnus and my Knight are done. Finally there are the Tzeentch Arcanites and Daemons that are ongoing and I'll do a separate post on what is going on there.

So I'm planning to create a new post each week and they'll follow my painting as usual but also my experiences with 8th edition and thoughts on it. Stay tuned!
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