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Hello there :) My name is Luke (well actually Lukan but everyone calls me Luke) and I'll be your tour guide for the duration of your time here. If you're here on this page then you must want to know about me, myself and I so let me tell you a little bit about us.

I'm 26 (for a few more months at least) and I live in Birmingham in the UK. I've been involved in the hobby in one form or another since 1998 and while I took a break from painting for 5 or 6 years while I focused on college and university I got back into it in April of 2012 with a little help from some very good friends that helped to kick-start my habit. when I first started I painted Orks but I didn't like them so I followed in the footsteps of my False Emperor worshipping cousin (who collected Ultramarines) and started an Iron Hands force but I didn't like them either. So I had a real good look at the different armies and  really fell in love with the Daemons (which back then didn't have their own army) so I started collecting Chaos Space Marines and I found my fit in the 40k universe; EVIL!!! So I built up a sizeable force of CSMs and even managed to get a few Daemons when they got their update a little later on. I was also caught up by the Great Devourer and started collecting a Tyranid host. At this point I was off to college after screwing up my first lot of A Levels (my own fault entirely) so painting took a back seat to  studying and then when I aced my A Levels and went off to Uni I was out of the habit of painting and into the habit of getting wasted studying really hard. 

After Uni I tried to sit the Bar Professional Training Course but that much studying was a little too much so I started looking around for a diversion from the constant pressure that hugely intense legal training was putting on me and I ended up falling back into the hobby. When I got back into it I was explaining to the guy that served me in the Dudley store and he said that those that start never actually stop and they always come back eventually. Fortunately for his KPIs I proved to not be the exception to the rule though I actually started with the Warhammer Starter Set with the High Elf Lothern Guard. They now make me cringe just looking at the basic paint job I did on them and I know I could repaint them and make them much better but I'm not a High Elf fan so I have no inclination to do that. 

My first unit was 10 Daemonettes and they were painted pretty much in the usual Slaanesh way with the limited paints I had at the time but like I said before I have generous friends who could really see how bad things were and funded my diversion and I'm guessing (and I'm sure they'll tell me if/when they read this) that they did it to keep me sane. Again I blame the BPTC because that course was absolutely ridiculous; if it wasn't something to do with the law then it wasn't a part of my life up until April 2012. So when I got my Daemonettes I really went to town on them and spent ages and ages on each model and the rest can be found in each of my blog posts.

So on the subject of my blog, it started as a document of what I was painting and how and now it has progressed to include tactical analyses and I have since progressed to actually playing the games with a fantastic group of guys from the #WS10 gaming group (we even have t shirts!) and I'd name them all but they already have big heads without adding international fame ;)

Anyway thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog :)

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