Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hel Rising Pt1

Today sees the release of Dataslate: Helbrutes and while I don't really do reviews as such I felt like I had to look into this one as it directly affects one of my favourite models in my CSM army. For the record, ONE OF my favourite MODELS. Not units as they weren't really usable up until today but I loved the Dark Vengeance model and I love the new multi-part kit.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Great Game Pt 2

Well it's over a week late but here it is anyway. On the 7th (which was my birthday by the way) I went back to see the #WS10 warmongers for an evening of fun and warmongering. Now last time I posted about these guys I realise I forgot to say who they are so here is the list;
Nathan (@NinjaNathUK)
Adam (@geekphotoguy) who took all the photos you'll see in this post
Pete (@Petehumpage) who is also the host of the war council lol
Nigel (@NigelSBartlett)
Stuart (@CaptainHelvetos)
Graham (@wilsongrahams)
Nick (@Slaaneshfiend) The man that introduced me to the rest of the guys
Mark aka Sponge (@79sponge)

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