Monday, 14 September 2015

Coding Errors

Hello! So it's been a little while but I've had an exam so apologies. I do have another two to do but nothing just yet so I have a little spare time which I'm using to catch you up on my hobby progress so far.

On the 5th September I took a trip to Warhammer World with some of my friends and I decided I was going to take a 1500 point Necron list. I'll go into the details of the list in another post because that's an entry in and of itself but in order to do this I had to get my shop on! I had a lot to buy and assemble to make my list so I bought five Deathmarks, three Wraith and a Cryptek, I already had a Monolith, a Catacomb Command Barge, a Spyder, six Scarab bases and 20 warriors and I borrowed 10 Immortals and a Ghost Ark from another friend. 

Now I'm not the fastest modeller or painter but I don't think I did too badly given that I basically had a week to get it all at least built and I gave it a good go with the painting. I did cheat a little though and I bought some silver Tamiya spray paint. That stuff stinks to high heaven but it meant I got so much base coated in a really short space of time (including four of my five Lychguard). 

I will admit I did cheat a little by asking my commission painting friend Nigel to paint the metallics of my vehicles but that's only because I didn't want to mess up the look. I'll do the rest myself now that I have a point of reference to work from and I still need to do the energy on both the barge and the monolith. I painted the Overlord for the barge myself.

I also managed to paint the Spyder, I've got one of the Lychguard done, one Scarab base is done and the rest aren't far off and my Cryptek and Deathguard are silver, washed and drybrushed. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get the Warriors done too but as I'm not giving them any blue (they aren't important enough in social status to be blue) they really won't take long.

I know this has been a wall of text and I apologise but I wanted to get the explanation out of the way before adding the pictures (with the exception of the one above). That shows what the Lychguard will look like when finished and the Overlord gets more limelight (attention seeker!) so enjoy the gallery and thanks for reading!

The other Scarabs just need the final highlight on the blue and the base painted to be finished. The barrels are from Pegasus.

How awesome does that look?! Thanks Nigel! Just the energy and the crystal to paint!

Again, thanks Nigel! He has told me how to do it so I won't be so lazy next time!


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  1. Though I love the metallics, I would LOVE to see some of those oranges and blues in the vehicles as well!


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