Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Return

Hello everyone, been a while. Real life; sometimes it's a real drag... Why can't we just be paid to sit at home and do what we love? Ok so maybe unemployment benefits aren't the way to go but still, a guy can dream. Be warned, this may turn into a long one and it'll be all words so if you want pretty pictures then you may want to pick another post as I've been off the blogging scene for a while.

Where to start... Ok so quite a few big things have happened to me recently in terms of the hobby and they both involve new armies so I guess that's where we'll start.

Never fear fellow Warp lovers, I'm not in any way, shape or form giving up on my Daemons or my CSM. They are still my favourite armies and they always will be so there will still be posts relating to them and my progress with those armies. That said, I am a bit of a traitor to the denizens of the Eye as my first new army is... Tyranids. Oh yes, the big bad bugs have invaded my hobby space (aka my bedroom) in a big way. Now why Tyranids I hear you cry? (Ok I don't but I can pretend you are so I am). Well as I sat down to paint yet another Black Legion marine I realised I'd had enough of them for a while and I needed some colour. I looked at my Daemons but recently inspiration has been lacking (I guess they're too busy waging war in the WHFB world to take the time to inspire me) and I did used to have some Tyranids (waaaaay back, many many years ago) so I decided to buy a Zoanthrope and the Hive Mind had it's talons into me.

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