Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Return

Hello everyone, been a while. Real life; sometimes it's a real drag... Why can't we just be paid to sit at home and do what we love? Ok so maybe unemployment benefits aren't the way to go but still, a guy can dream. Be warned, this may turn into a long one and it'll be all words so if you want pretty pictures then you may want to pick another post as I've been off the blogging scene for a while.

Where to start... Ok so quite a few big things have happened to me recently in terms of the hobby and they both involve new armies so I guess that's where we'll start.

Never fear fellow Warp lovers, I'm not in any way, shape or form giving up on my Daemons or my CSM. They are still my favourite armies and they always will be so there will still be posts relating to them and my progress with those armies. That said, I am a bit of a traitor to the denizens of the Eye as my first new army is... Tyranids. Oh yes, the big bad bugs have invaded my hobby space (aka my bedroom) in a big way. Now why Tyranids I hear you cry? (Ok I don't but I can pretend you are so I am). Well as I sat down to paint yet another Black Legion marine I realised I'd had enough of them for a while and I needed some colour. I looked at my Daemons but recently inspiration has been lacking (I guess they're too busy waging war in the WHFB world to take the time to inspire me) and I did used to have some Tyranids (waaaaay back, many many years ago) so I decided to buy a Zoanthrope and the Hive Mind had it's talons into me.

I'm attending an inter-club tournament at Warhammer World later on this month so I've been feverishly buying, assembling and painting a small force to use and so far I have 1 Hive Tyrant, 1 Carnifex, 1 Tervigon, 8 Genestealers (though one will pretend to be a Broodlord for the tournament), 3 Zoanthrope, 3 Warriors, 8 Ripper Swarms, 8 Hormagants and 48 Termagants. I've painted up a couple of them and the rest are either works in progress or unassembled. Sooooo much grey plastic! So much so I've been tempted on more than one occasion to commission my friends and very talented painters to help me out but I'm determined to get this done by myself. I'll make a post about Nigel and Graham some other time because I couldn't do their painting justice in just a couple of sentences but they're definitely worth checking out. 

So with all of the Tyranid fever I sort of lost track of the releases and rumours so when Nagash was released I was taken completely by surprise. I wasn't around the last time he graced the warhammer world but I hear he was a big deal and his model sells pretty well on eBay. This model is AMAZING!! I was planning to buy one this pay day but I went into the Wolverhampton store to buy a banshee, some paint and replace a couple of my paint brushes and there he was all alone on the shelf looking very lonely. I'm terrible with shopping as I impulse purchase a lot so naturally I impulsively purchased Nagash. I haven't even assembled him yet as I know I don't have the right level of painting skills for him but this is where my second army comes in... I'm starting an undead legion army! Not just Vampire Counts or Tomb Kings but with the new rule books for End Times I can have both so my internal debate as to which one I prefer got steamrollered into non-existence. There were several techniques for Nagash that I needed to practice pretty badly as I'd never done then before and the first one was painting spirits so I painted a banshee. I'll do a post on her once I've caught up with everything else. The thing I love about Vampire Counts is that magic users aren't just another tactical option, they're completely necessary for the army to function. Without at least one Necromancer or magically inclined Vampie the entire army crumbles and dies. Literally. This gives me the perfect excuse to indulge my love of all things magic and no one can say anything because it has to be done that way. And with the new Lore of Undeath there are even more funky options for my Necromancy disciples. Well, disciple. I've got one Necromancer (aside from Nagash).

So with my new armies, let me recap my progress.

Painted and complete:
1 Zoanthrope
1 Banshee
1 Tervigon (sort of, there was an accident and she needs repairing)

Part painted:
5 Ripper Swarms
8 Genestealers
1 Necromancer
1 Hive Tyrant
1 Carnifex
4 Tyranid Objective Markers

8 Termagants

40 Termagants
3 Warriors
3 Ripper Swarms
8 Hormagants

Once I've settled on a list for my upcoming tournament (I think I'm there I just need to run a couple of things by a couple of people) then I'll post it and discuss my thinking behind it all but I think for now you've all suffered enough. Ciao for now!!

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