Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dear Diary

Today I've done something that probably would be common sense to most and that is I've started writing down all of my painting techniques in a journal. The idea came to me as I was repairing one of my Plague Drones and I was thinking about how long it took me to remember how I did the boils (ended up searching through my own blog posts) which is no good when I get hit with a sudden flash of inspiration. By the time I've either remembered how I did a technique or found how I did that technique I've lost the will to live never mind the will to paint. This way all of my techniques will be in one place and readily accessible at any time. I had the idea of arranging them by God and by army but that would be insane to even attempt without a ring binder and I'm not going that crazy. Well not yet at least. 

My next job with the journal is to go through each of my blog posts and write down any techniques and colour schemes I've used and write them into the journal to start building it up. It will almost be a painting Grimoire (or Book of Shadows for any wiccans out there) at some point in the future I plan to have pictures attached to the pages so I have a reference for how the finished article is supposed to look. Unlike a Grimoire there won't be any records of experiments gone wrong, information or anything else, just colour schemes and techniques I think have been successful and will most likely want to repeat in the future.


  1. brilliant idea think i will have to steal it ive lost count of how many times ive lost bits of paper with colour recipes and techniques from one luke to another thank you

  2. Hi Luke,

    I have something I think you may be interested in, can you shoot me an email so we can talk further?


    Talk Wargaming


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