Monday, 26 February 2018


Sooo... My last pledge went really well! June 2017 and a promise to post each week... Boy was I naive! Life just really catches up on you.

Well where should I begin? In my last post I mentioned my Thousand Sons being my main project and a small force of Death Guard slowly taking shape. Well that flipped on its head and now Death Guard seem to have become my main project! There is a reason for it and that's due to my gaming club (WS10 Gaming) running an event at the end of March. Now when I signed up for this the Thousand Sons codex had been announced as "soon" but with no date and I couldn't risk creating a list for it to be all but invalidated the month before; my painting speed could not handle that so I took the safer option of using the Death Guard. As anyone who has read any of my previous posts will know (or anyone that knows me will know) I am a slow painter so my other projects have taken a bit more of a back seat to focus on the Death Guard. Most of the army is either complete or almost complete and Mortarion is getting closer by the day. In order to keep up momentum I am using the hobby streak hashtag on Twitter (if you want to follow said progress my Twitter handle is @lukanwhitehouse). 

So here's the part where I renew my pledge to post. Again. This time I won't be so naive as to suggest a weekly update; instead I plan to come back at least once a month to update on my hobby progress, colour schemes, techniques, discuss releases etc. I'll even set a calendar reminder so I don't forget this time! Hopefully some of you will come back to read, maybe some new people will join us as well but I hope everyone will at least enjoy reading what I write and show.
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