Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Daemon Army: The Beginning (almost)

So I thought I'd document my new army because I really enjoy painting it and I feel like I want to share it with the world (or just the people that are interested in it). So eventually I plan to have an absolutely huge collection of Daemons which will even include the Forge World models but I'll be working up to those (they are amazing though and I have got to have them).

So as I start writing this, I'm sure you'll all be aware the new plastic models are about to be released for the Daemons and I have to say I am VERY excited. The Flamers I'm not 100% sure of; I thought they looked ok before but I guess the guys in Nottingham thought otherwise. I do like that they're now slightly more customisable, that's a plus. The Plaguebearers on the other hand... SO happy with how they look. Personally I think I'll be avoiding the insect looking heads in favour of the much loved Cyclopean heads but apart from that they're awesome, as are the new Nurglings. Years ago I tended to avoid Nurgle Daemons as a general rule because of the sheer scale of the detail (especially on the Nurglings that were teeny tiny copies of the Greater Daemons) and frankly it used to scare me but the Nurgling detail has been toned right back so now they look sort of cute, you know, in the way that teeny festering imps of pestilence and disease that want to eat your flesh can be cute. I'm so over the moon with the new Screamers though... They finally have eyes!! Every description of Screamers has mentioned their eyes and yet as far as I could tell the models had none. Strange  but now they look awesome. I'm highly tempted to paint their flesh in a similar way to real sharks being as that's what they're so often compared to, plus it'll make their eyes really stand out. I like the additional fin that can be attached to one as well but that's more a comedy like as opposed to wanting one on my screamers.

At the moment my completed models are 10 Daemonettes and a minor conversion in the form of a Herald of Slaanesh. I'm half way through a unit of Pink Horrors (but starting to get bored of the constant pink which is SO not my favourite colour so I'm working out something else I can do to make them a bit more exciting) and I've started a Daemon Prince of Khorne. My plans for this blog are to talk about how I've painted them, the way I plan to use them in battle (of course that may change once I learn the rules of the game) and what Daemonic Gifts I'll be giving to my units if they can have them. Of course there will be pictures and I may even do a step-by-step thing for some of them. Obviously I can't do it for my completed units because there's no chance on Earth I'm repainting one just to show you how I did it but I can for my Pink Horrors and my Daemon Prince. I'm also going to show my experiments in various techniques because we all know that practice makes perfect so I want to show how my ideas develop.

That's all for now folks, so I'm going to go and get half decent pictures of my current models to start writing about. Hopefully you'll continue to read my posts and watch my army grow and develop. Also comments are welcome.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Legal stuff

Before I start this I should probably just mention that I'm in no way affiliated with Games Workshop or their subsidiary companies, nor do I advocate their products or services over any other available products or services. Any opinions I give are my own and are not endorsed or affiliated with Games Workshop.

I know this is probably dull but it's my legal training coming out so that I can't be sued lol
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