Saturday, 14 September 2013

Breaking News!

I don't normally deal with news and rumours (much better blogs out there for that) but I have to share this one because it actually affects what I do here. 

The Black Library are apparently releasing unit Tactica!! Well not apparently because here's a screenshot:

This first one is for the Wraithknight (not that much is needed for them apart from point, shoot, kill, avoid high strength/low AP weapons) and obviously there are a lot of units for them to cover. My guess is that the company is taking note of the fact that there are some out there with little tactical ability who look online for tactical analysis, such as the ones I write here, and are catering to it. For a price of course: £1.49 which isn't bad I guess. Of course if they're doing that for each individual unit then it will very quickly add up. 

What this means for us Tactica bloggers is that someone is doing our job for us and charging for the privilege. The obvious advantage of this is that we are getting this advice from the people involved in creating the units and I suspect it will be quite detailed (I'll find out when it comes out). The disadvantage is that we have to buy this advice. Personally I don't mind as long as the advice is good but I guess that's personal choice.

In other news just quickly before I go, the Black Library website says that the Black Legion supplement is due for a hardback release in November while the Farsight supplement is due in October. Also in Hardback.

Also the Enhanced Edition of the Space Marine codex is back online and they're releasing the Force Requisition list builder in stages meaning that only Troops, HQ and Heavy Support is currently available. Now I've seen a lot of people complain about this feature but I think we need to cut GW a bit of slack here; as far as I'm aware (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) this is the first time GW have tried to join the list building game so they are going to get things wrong and they're going to have to update things a lot as they go. Just be patient while they gain their sea legs and before long they'll be sailing right alongside the other ships on the sea.


  1. Heh, given the quality of the design team (and every other GW team), I don't know that any "tactica" they produce will be worth the paper it is printed on.


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