Friday, 13 September 2013

Battle of Brothers

I'm not usually one to deal in rumours on this site (Daemons aside) but this one has got me thinking so I thought that I'd share my thoughts. The rumour I'm talking about is which of the Primarchs is to be the next model released by Forge World. The current majority are talking about it being between Ferrus Manus of the Iron Hands and Mortarion of the Death Guard. I'm going to talk about why each of them is a likely candidate to be the next release and I'm going to start with Mortarion because I just prefer the Traitor Legions to the Loyalists.

Mortarion is the Primarch of the XIV Legion. and currently a Daemon Prince of Nurgle. Why is it that he should be the next Primarch? The reason is the book featured above. The first Horus Heresy book details the Sons of Horus, Emperor's Children, World Eaters and Death Guard legions which ties in with the Forge World character releases. But wait, I hear you say, the Sons of Horus didn't get their Primarch release!! Well no but they were never going to release Horus at the very start were they? My guess with Horus is that he will be released with the Emperor and they will be released right at the end but that's a different matter.

Next candidate is Ferrus Manus; the aptly, if somewhat unoriginally named Primarch of the Iron Hands. So far Ferrus hasn't really played much of a starring role in the heresy and has been sort of a named extra really in terms of the story. He has a close relationship with Fulgrim, his Legion is the tactical opposite of the Iron Warriors (the former excel in fortification, the latter excel in siege warfare) and then he gets killed. Like I said, not really a big player. 

There have been rumours floating around that this is exactly why Ferrus is next and he will fit onto a scenic base with Fulgrim. They want to get him in quickly before Book Two details his death which I guess makes sense, especially if he fits into a base with Fulgrim. The picture below kind of supports this because Fulgrim is in almost the exact same pose as his model but this was done as fan art and not official so I'm not sure how much weight it can carry.

So there we have it, the two next possible releases from Forge World. I've read somewhere that Ferrus Manus has been confirmed for Games Day at the last Horus Heresy event but I've also read that there will be a surprise on Games Day so it may be a case of unveiling Ferrus AND releasing Mortarion (that's a pure guess, but if it turns out to be true then DAMN I'm good). I'd personally like to see Mortarion for two reasons; firstly to satisfy my OCD and finish one book before moving onto the next and the second is because I'd much rather see a Traitor Primarch than a Loyalist but maybe I'm a little biased.

What do you think is next? Who would you prefer to see? Feel free to leave a comment.

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