Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bitter Enmity

There are two things I want to show you in this post and one of them is my brand new models! Now I've only been able to clean the mould lines so far so they look a little plain but trust me they'll be amazing.

Officially these babies are Great Worms from Reaper Miniatures but for me they will be Beasts of Nurgle. The GW Beasts of Nurgle models are my least favourite models in the Daemon army (followed closely by Fiends of Slaanesh) because they just don't match what I have in my head. I'll admit these Great Worms aren't quite there either but they're much closer and I actually like the models. There's also the fact that they were dirt cheap but that's neither here nor there. But anyway that's the first thing done and out of the way, onto the good stuff. Well, the better stuff anyway because those Worms are pretty damn good.

Now presenting a work in progress that I'm so proud of so far that I just have to share; a Son of the Cyclops for my new Black Legion army!!

Remember that he's a work in progress and also that I didn't have what has become my usual photography set-up (basically a couple of lamps and some plain white paper) because my shelves are a mess and I haven't sorted them out yet. Sometimes I can't be bothered to clean, so sue me (disclaimer: I've had extensive legal training and therefore I know that I can't be sued just for a few bad photos so deal with it).

This guy is a total contrast to my Nurgle Chosen Marine; where he was dirty, corroded and generally pretty gross my Tzeentch Chosen is almost unnaturally shiny. The only dirt he has is on the cape but that's less fluff related and more an experiment that I realised I wanted to try. I wanted to add more gold trim to this guy because Tzeentch colours are blue and gold so I ditched the silver for this one. If you miss it then don't worry it will be back for my Slaanesh Chosen but the gold and silver will be gone for my Khorne Chosen in favour of the typical brass but I get ahead of myself.

I have to say that so far the cape is my absolute favourite part. I still need to adjust the blends a little but I say again WORK IN PROGRESS!! *ahem* You can see in the top right of the cape that I didn't quite get the blends right. In fact I didn't get them at all so I need to do some minor adjusting there but it's actually a quick fix so I'll do it later/tomorrow (I'm one of those that doesn't count it as the next day until I've been to sleep).

The reason that this is my favourite part is due to the fact that I've used a new technique and a new product: Reaper Paints Flow Improver. Now this stuff is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend that you go get some. Now. It's so good that I'm going to be including it in my first batch of products at my Ogou Miniatures store when I finally manage to get some stock in. So actually wait until I have some in stock and then buy them. What? Since when was advertising a crime? Well unless you're a prostitute but that's a whole other issue. It does what it says on the tin really so I won't go into detail but I love it almost as much as the Rust Effect.

I added the pink Daemon on the shoulder and the blue onto the leg plate (see above) because it's Tzeentch and there's a Pink and Blue Horror coming through. Quite simple really and probably really obvious but for those out there who miss the obvious, there it is. I've also done something quite funky with the Power Maul but I'm going to save that for later. 

I'll be getting some peace and quiet tomorrow/today so hopefully I'll be able to get this one done and posted by the end of the day. Watch this space, alla prossima!!!

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