Friday, 20 September 2013

One For The Books

I can honestly say that as far as I know, no one saw this coming. This post is on the back of my previous post about the Horus Heresy character that will be available at Games Day this year and while the community were teaming up behind either Mortarion or Ferrus Manus (myself included for the former) it turns out we were fed false information by the masters of spin; the Word Bearers. Yes you read correctly. Bit out of the blue but there we go. If you haven't already seen then it is Erebus and Kor Phaeron that will be released (unless these guys are a cover for there being a bigger surprise but I wouldn't hold my breath).

There are mixed feelings about these models but I fall into the "like" camp. Not so much that I'm going to camp outside Warhammer World for a week to make sure I get some but more in the sense that I appreciate them and think they look pretty cool.

Judging by the fact that you can see their bases (which you haven't been able to on all the others) then I would hazard a guess that Lorgar will fit into this somehow when he is released. Word Bearers fans the world over are probably weeping with joy while the Iron Hands and Death Guard fans are probably cursing darkly (be more afraid of the Death Guard. Nurgle, I'm just saying). 

Personally Erebus is my favourite of the two but I prefer the details to the claws. Whether you like him or not you can see how he captures the Word Bearer imagery even down to the script engraved into his face. I always wondered if the Emperor ever saw that they carved scripture into their faces. He had them humiliated just for encouraging worship of the Emperor (irony) so what would he do if he ever saw the mutilation I wonder? But I digress. Massively.

Now don't get me wrong, I do like this one but Erebus is my favourite of the two. I enjoy the contrast between the two characters; one is old, clunky and almost awkward while the other is more energetic and dynamic. I'd be slightly tempted to put some fire into Erebus's hand just because it would look really cool but again I digress. And I can't sculpt very well yet. Anyway, the thing I like most about Kor Phaeron is the way that he does look powerful but in a very different way to Erebus. Kor looks like something from an early Terminator experiment while Erebus looks less intimidating but still has an aura of power to him. Either way I wouldn't like to piss either of these guys off.

So there we have it, an unexpected twist to the Forge World release. Honestly it's a little disappointing that we're not getting Mortarion but these guys are cool, I can wait.

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