Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Plague Host

Edit: I started writing this about three weeks ago but forgot to publish... Oops.

Over the weekend (and the preceding week as I was off work for two days) I've been a rather busy little bee and not only started but also finished Typhus! I have to say that I'm so happy with him and how he turned out; in fact I surprised myself with just how well I managed to paint him (not to toot my own horn or anything).

Voila! One host of the Destroyer Hive.

I was going to paint him a while ago so I had done my usual paint scheme research already (moving house just screws everything up). What this meant was that I could start painting straight away. I chose the pre-heresy Death Guard scheme for two reasons. The first reason is a fluffy one in that that after being infested by the Destroyer Hive and becoming a mortal (ish) herald of Nurgle I very much doubt he'd have cared all too much about how his armour looks so it never made much sense to me that he would have re painted it. The second reason is that I saw a few pictures of both this model and the Forge World Typhon and thought that the Death Guard colour scheme was so much cooler than the green one.

To get the green trim I painted the whole model with Death World Forest. Then dry brushed with Elysian and Nurgling Green with copious amounts of Agrax Earthshade between layers.

Since this model there has been a lot of work done in terms of my hobby (and the rest of my life but this is about the hobby) including the beginnings of a new army... Which is something that anyone coming here from my Twitter links will already be aware of but for those of you who have stumbled onto my page it will be a mystery... Unless you stumbled onto a later post and then made your way back to this one. In which case you ruined the surprise. But anyway, hope you like Typhus!

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  1. Looking good Luke! I would suggest maybe some glazes or washes on the base to break up the singular color though. Would help the model pop off the base a bit more!


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