Sunday, 30 November 2014

Triumphant Return

Why hello there! Yes I know, it's been a very long time and for that I apologise but I've had a lot of non-hobby related things going on recently so certain things have had to be pushed onto the back burner and in order to make time for my hobby, blogging is one of the things... I'd be lying if I said that things weren't still crazy but I'm managing them better than before.

I won't bore you with pages and pages (that comes later) but I will give you a quick overview of everything that has gone on with the promise of more in depth reviews later on.

The biggest thing that has happened is that I've started a Vampire Counts army!! The reason for this is that I bought Nagash on an impulse and then thought I needed to justify the expense (I've still not taken him out of the box yet muh less painted him). I have however painted a Banshee, part painted a Necromancer and 20 Crypt Ghouls and started working on a Mortis Engine.

I played in a tournament style game at Warhammer world a few weeks back with a combined Daemon and Tyranid list and suffice to say that I now understand why they don't work together... More on that in an upcoming post.

My next big event is my first Apocalypse game with the awesome WS10 guys over at Pete's and I'm taking a CSM and Daemons list consisting of 14 models in 3000 points... I'm allied with more CSM against Tau and Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum or whatever they're called this week (cannon fodder is my preferred name...) so I'll have more on that after the 6th... 

That's basically it from me for now but look out for more posts to bring you up to speed with what I'm up to and working on.

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