Thursday, 18 October 2012

Riders Required

Today I've started the Daemonette riders on my Exalted Seeker Chariot in line with The Masque (who recently came close second in a painting competition) so they are unnatural in the natural way they look with flesh tones and muted shades.

I've finished the Exalted Alluress (all bar her whips) and I've put her in position on the chariot but not glued her so I can see what it looks like and I quite like how it looks. At a glance she blends into the chassis but the more you look the more the eye is drawn to her which just embodies what Slaanesh is all about. I'm going to leave the horns black so that she doesn't become too bright and ruin the illusion.

Pictures are below for your enjoyment. I've taken pictures at each stage to show the progression. You may have noticed that one of her legs was painted up before anything else. That's because I couldn't remember which way around I'd done the colours on The Masque's skin so I did a comparison.

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