Friday, 7 December 2012

Killing the local flora

I finally managed to finish a model AND do some awesomeness with the base! As the model I was basing was my Great Unclean One it had to be pretty spectacular so I used dead grass, mordheim turf, PVA glue, a piece of slate and a Nurgling (of course).

I mixed the PVA with a little Tamiya X-27 but didn't mix it fully so that there would be variations in the strength of the red as the mix dried. What I'm aiming for here is a sort of mucus trail type look so I'll probably add more PVA to really make it shiny.

I added the dead grass around his feet so that it looks like he's killing the grass just by touching it. I also added some around the Nurgling so that it looks like he is doing the same thing. The Mordheim turf has added some depth to the base by giving it some extra height levels.

With the Nurgling I was originally going to have two attacking each other or some other kind of action but then saw the one I used and originally wanted to have him standing close to the Greater Daemon but then thought he could add a little light hearted fun to an otherwise very very serious model. He's sat in the grass chomping down on a maggot that he was given by the Daemon; probably for being a good little bag of pus. I opted for yellow blood after watching the final challenge in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here where Charlie ate a grub and once she bit the head off there was yellow pus coming from it. I painted yellow around his mouth too as I don't imagine Nurglings to be tidy eaters...

From a gameplay perspective I see two main strategies for playing a Great Unclean One; defensive or offensive. The Daemonic Gifts available can either produce a killing machine or an immortal godling so I've opted for the second one as I will make him a level 4 wizard which provides plenty of firepower. I did want to take the Staff of Nurgle but being a level 4 wizard, I'm likely to get Rancid Visitations anyway so it's a waste of points. Instead I took Noxious Vapours, Pestilent Mucus and Trappings of Nurgle. As a super powerful wizard, the Daemon can cause some serious ranged damage to compensate for his crappy movement speed. If anything or anyone can get through a veritable barrage of vile magicks then they face the Daemon in combat which becomes very scary for the mix of Gifts. Noxious Vapours gives the enemy the "always strikes last" rule and overrides the "always strikes first" rule if they have it so no matter what my Daemon gets his 4 strength 6 attacks first. Against a lot of models it's likely that this would be the end of them but should they manage to survive then they have the Trappings of Nurgle to contend with.

The Trappings of Nurgle gives the Daemon a 4+ armour save and the regeneration special rule. The Daemon already has toughness 6 so he's hard to wound anyway but then he gets an armour save, an invulnerable save AND a regeneration save so if by some miracle the enemy makes a successful roll to wound then they not only have the usual saves but also the chance that the wound will just heal over and mean nothing to the Daemon.

After all that if the enemy still manages to cause a wound then firstly I would congratulate them and secondly I'd bring Pestilent mucus into play. The mucus forces every enemy in base contact to take a toughness test and if the test is failed then they suffer a wound. This happens for each wound inflicted on the Daemon so it suddenly becomes less desirable to send in infantry against the Daemon because he will just completely wipe them out, even if he is wounded.

The idea behind this build is to cause as much damage at range as possible but then to cause any enemies to really think twice about attacking him. It would be an interesting formation to have this Daemon with a bodyguard of Bloodletters, a rearguard of Horrors and have the flanks guarded by Flamers. Muchos ranged firepower and a buffer against a charge that can not only absorb the hits but also really dish out the pain, but that's something to be tested on the battlefield...

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