Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Steady as She Goes

While I have been very busy lately I have managed to make some slow progress with my models. I've finally glued together my Chosen unit, converted and assembled my new sorcerer, and started prepping my Cultists. I've also fitted together one of my Thousand Sons too and Abaddon the Despoiler. I've decided now that I'm going to assemble everything I've got and then paint through it. This will serve the duel purpose of having a production line of sorts and allowing me to see precisely what it is I have to do so I can estimate when I'll need more stuff..

My new sorcerer is going to be Tzeentchian and have TS iconography but that's only so I can represent the Athanean cult with a sorcerer and also allow TS's to be troops instead of elite choices. I'm adding Green Stuff to the skull on his shoulder pad to paint on the Eye of the Athanean cult and I've added green stuff to the other one so I can paint on the Mark of Tzeentch. This sorcerer will have one power from Tzeentch but will take his other two powers from the Telepathy discipline in keeping with his cult origins. I have a sorcerer that combines both Nurgle and Biomancy and my Aspiring Sorcerer will have the Pyrae symbol (but unfortunately he will have to use the Tzeentch discipline and not Pyromancy). All I need to represent now is Slaanesh and I've covered the whole range of Chaos magic (I have an idea for a rather cool conversion for that so stay tuned). My conversion for my sorcerer was to take away his plasma pistol and give him an arm from a Flamer Daemon. In terms of gameplay he will have a combi-flamer but I thought it'd look very cool for a Tzeentchian sorcerer.

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