Monday, 3 December 2012

Corpulence is Bliss

After finishing everything I had to do today I found myself with a fair amount of time in which to do nothing. Now this has become very rare lately to have these moments so I evaluated my options and decided to paint my new (and first) Greater Daemon; the Great Unclean One.

I painted him in the exact same way as the Plaguebearers and the Nurglings (wash over white, thousands of layers for every minute detail etc.) but I took more time really making sure that every maggot, vein and bone was covered and the effect... Well, I'm extremely happy with him and he looks fantastic if I do say so myself.

I have to say that Nurgle followers are the most fun to paint out of all the Chaos Daemons; they are extremely detailed figures and with even a simple paint scheme they can look striking.

Now if you've jumped ahead to look at the pretty pictures then you may have noticed that he is sat on his base very much towards one edge and you may be wondering why. Well, oh impatient ones,if you had hung on you'd find out now. I have big base plans for this guy; marshland, grass, Nurglings, maybe a body part or two somewhere... Who knows? But the base on this guy will be something very special. Stay tuned to find out what.

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