Monday, 31 December 2012

Screaming Blue Murder

Even after writing out my to do lists and seeing the sheer amount of models I've got to paint I still went out today and bought a box of Screamers. I was a huge fan of these when I saw them years ago but they've just gotten better with the plastic releases. The reason I bought them was that I was in the mood for some more crazy Tzeentch painting but I've not had much inspiration for my Lord of Change yet and my Horrors are the least inspiring of all the models I've painted even though they feature heavily in each game scenario I've run through in my head. As I've just done my Flamers I had nothing to satisfy my desire to go crazy so I trotted off to Merry Hill with Christmas money in hand so thanks to my nan and great-nan for that.

The reason I chose the Screamers is that they're the only Tzeentch unit I didn't have a model for and after getting some ideas from YouTube I had a flash of inspiration and if you've read anything else I've written you'll realise that where my painting is concerned I have very little in the way of impulse control.

As with my Flamers I've gone with a slightly organic look inspired by shark skin. Screamers are also called Skysharks in the background stories and though they look like sting rays they are more often compared to sharks so I went for a slightly more grey flesh tone by using Tamiya Colour XF-18 Medium Blue. I added a little Tzeentch flair by adding a watered down glaze of Guilliman Blue as a way to bring out the detail and to make the blue of the grey (it is more grey even though its supposed to be blue) a little more intense. The details such as ridges and bumps were picked out with Tamiya Colour XF-25 Light Sea Grey, the teeth (all 50 million of them) were based in Zandri Dust, then layered with Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull and the eyes were based in Averland Sunset then highlighted with Yriel Yellow and Flash Gitz Yellow with black pupils. I've placed the pupils at random points on the eyes on purpose so it looks like he is looking for his next target with all 8 or 9 eyes. The tongue was based in Moot Green then highlighted with Flash Gitz Yellow and washed with Waywatcher Green.

On this body the Light Sea Grey highlights aren't so prominent as they should be due to the small area of the bumps but on the scales on the others they will be more noticeable. Pictures of the one I've finished (except basing) are below and pictures of the other two will follow on completion.

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