Friday, 28 December 2012

The "To Do" List

My Daemon army is really coming along quite well but naturally there are still a lot of models to be finished. Currently my list is as follows:
1) Lord of Change (edit: completed 17/01/2013)
2) 4 Pink Horrors (edit: completed 12/01/2013)
3) 3 Flamers (edit: completed 30/12/2012)
4) 2 Daemonette riders (edit: completed 18/01/2013)
5) 3 Steeds for Chariot
6) Assorted body parts for Chariot
7) 2 Daemonettes
I think I may have to alternate between my two armies in order to get everything done and I'll have to set aside time each week to do it as well as everything else I have to do. I need to get organised now though because it's getting a bit ridiculous that I'm filling my shelves up with unpainted models. I have a box of models (CSM) that I haven't even assembled yet so I think I should do that and then buy no more models until I've cleared my to do list.

Edit (3/6/2013): I did actually complete this to do list but I forgot to update it with the dates

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