Thursday, 27 December 2012

Changing with the Times

As you can see, the Changer of Ways has been very much in my head today as I've not only assembled my Lord of Change but I've also (finally) completed The Changeling! It's a glorious day for Tzeentch, it really is.

The problem has been his staff; I didn't like it so it just blocked all desire I had to finish him but after going through my Chaos Space Marines (more on them in their space soon) I noticed the Tzeentch standard and it suddenly all fell into place. I've really been playing around with my highlighting lately and it really shows on the staff which I'm really pleased with. I've kept the details on the staff to the bare minimum because it had the potential to completely overwhelm the model which I really didn't want so while it's highlighted there are no bright colours.

The fire I did a little differently as my usual washes technique would have ruined the various hands if it had run onto them. I based the flames in red and then highlighted in orange, yellow and white (backwards version of my washes) and this is something I plan to use with my flamers.

You can see the results below. As usual let me know what you think :)

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