Monday, 2 February 2015

The Challenge Pt 2

Good morning readers! As I write this I'm winging my way to work on a train that's faster than... Well it's faster than walking. To pass the time I thought I'd share with you all the results of my first monthly challenge that I mentioned in my last post.

Voila! My first three Justaerin Terminators. Now I did submit these a day late but I'm still counting them as my January challenge as I did most of the work in January and I don't want to get lazy by thinking that February's challenge is already done.

The bases need tidying up and going for as long as I did without doing an edge highlight means that they're not as clean as if have liked but that's only apparent when you get them up close which I'm hoping that no one does. They will but I can hope.

As much as I do love these models I just want to say one thing... Whoever thought that many rivets was a good idea needs their head examining because that was painful. I literally couldn't refocus my eyes for a good minute after doing the last two models rivets but I'm pretty sure there's no permanent damage so it's all good.

I chose to use a red energy for the melta as opposed to more of the green just to show that it's a different type of energy and to break up the huge amount of green in the unit.

Overall I'm quite happy with the results and my February challenge will be my Helbrute and my Maulerfiend if I get time to do both. I also plan to paint up my Night Lords inspired Cultist this month as I've now got over 40 of the things and I only have 4 fully painted so I need to get cracking. I'd paint them as a unit but with how I'm painting them all differently each cultist takes a long time to complete and I have to work and eat and sleep unfortunately so they'll have to be painted alongside my challenge.

Points earned: 8.5
Current points total: 11
Total money earned: £11.00
Current model budget: £11.00

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  1. I feel you on rivets luke. I've actually cut rivets off stuff cause I get angry when I see them :). These guys came out really nice. Love the way you did the power weapons.


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