Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Challenge

As something of a communal New Years resolution the guys of WS10 have all banded together to create and participate in a painting challenge. This is in part for our upcoming tournament as there is a painted army restriction (three colour minimum, no grey plastic) but also as a way of getting through the mounds of new models we all got for Christmas. My challenge is to build up my Black Legion forces which I can do now that my exams are finally over!! As I keep spending money without actually painting anything I've also decided to resurrect the painting points system to go alongside it.

I've decided that this month will be the month of my Justaerin Terminators as I've been using them a lot in battles lately and I'd like to field them looking complete. Also they were already started so I don't have to go mad making up for lost time. Tonight I finished the first of the unit which now shows me how to paint the others.

Now it has been a few months since I last picked up a paintbrush so my skills are a little rusty but overall I'm quite pleased with how he turned out.

I wasn't overly impressed with the leather when I initially painted it as it didn't seem to really add anything to the model but as I painted the rest it helped to break up the black but in a subtle way which allowed the green (my army spot colour) to really pop against the dark palette.

So that's my first completed Justaerin Terminator. A word of advice if you're going to paint these; get used to rivets because there's a LOT of them on the armour plates. I think now that I've gotten myself started I'm actually going to enjoy this challenge and as a little side challenge I may try to finish a Cultist a month as well (they take me forever to paint so one a month should be more than enough!!) though if I can do more then I most certainly will. For now though I will focus on these Terminators.

Points earned: 2.5
Current points total: 2.5
Total money earned: £2.50
Current model budget: £2.50


  1. Looking good luke! How did you find the paint for the base? I've been thinking of picking some up. I particularly like the work you did on the axe.

    1. Thanks :) The paint is just the Agrellan Earth from GW. I'd suggest varnishing the model first though as it tends not to crack as dramatically otherwise. I also use a similar effect for my Tyranid bases but I have a white crackle paint that I use for that (they're on cracked ice) and I also have a clear crackle medium that mixes really well with the GW paints without losing the crackle effect which is from Tim Holtz and it's called Distress Crackle Paint. Loads of colours but a little on the pricey side...


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