Saturday, 28 December 2013

We are Legion

We all love a chapter in this hobby whether we are fans of the Space Marines or not. There's just something about the thought of owning a fully painted force of models just screams badass (It could also scream too much money and not enough life but let's focus on the positives). Any of you that have read any of my posts that mention the Space Marines will know my feelings towards them and for those that are new, I hate them. A lot. I want the Imperium to burn.

As an avid hater of the Imperium the chances of me owning a full chapter are remote to say the least. Or are they... I had a brainwave last night that I was going to have a Black Legion force organised as a mockery of the Codex Astartes to represent the 13th Black Crusade at its most powerful. Above is the image of the Ultramarines Chapter from the GW website and this was my starting point for what turned out to be a mammoth task.

Looking through each of the individual companies and the units that made up each company I was able to see which Chaos units would be the best substitutes and when a unit couldn't be directly substituted I looked for alternatives in keeping with the feel of each Company. Just to warn you that I'm now going to list each Company and the unuts that make each one so if you're not in the mood for a long read then maybe stop now. I won't be upset. For those crazy enough to stick around, this is how I imagine a Chaos Chapter to look (please note that this is using the Black Legion supplement rules and each uunit is 10 strong unless otherwise stated:

Chapter Command
Abaddon the Despoiler
9 Bringers of Despair (Terminator upgrade for BL supp.)
1 Land Raider

1st Company
4 units of Terminators
4 units of Chosen
2 units of Possessed
4 Land Raiders
2 Helbrutes
2 Heldrakes

2nd Company
Kharn the Betrayer
6 Khorne Berzerker units with Rhinos
2 Warp Talon units
2 Havoc units with Rhinos
2 Heldrakes
1 Helbrute

3rd Company
6 Thousand Sons units with Rhinos
2 Raptor units
1 Havoc unit with Rhino
6 Obliterators
3 Helbrutes
2 Forgefiends

4th Company
Lucius the Eternal
6 Noise Marine units with Rhinos
1 Warp Talon unit
2 Havoc units with Rhinos
6 Mutilators
4 Helbrutes
2 Heldrakes
2 Maulerfiends

5th Company
6 Plague Marine units with Rhinos
1 Raptor unit
2 Havoc units with Rhinos
1 Biker unit
1 Helbrute
2 Maulerfiends
1 Cultist unit (Max. Amount, Plague Zombies)

6th Company
Fabius Bile
10 Chaos Space Marine units with Rhinos
4 Helbrutes
2 Heldrakes

7th Company
Daemon Prince
10 Chaos Space Marine units with Rhinos
2 Helbrutes
4 Forgefiends
3 Chaos Spawn

8th Company
Sorcerer on Bike
4 Biker units
12 Mutilators
2 Raptor units
2 Warp Talon units
3 Heldrakes
6 Chaos Spawn

9th Company
7 Havoc units and Rhinos
12 Obliterators
3 Forgefiends
2 Defilers
3 Heldrakes

10th Company
Dark Apostle
10 full Cultist units
5 Chaos Spawn

If you got through all that well done.The astute amongst my readers will notice something very interesting in that list and here it is: that is a fuck load of models.  For those of a numerical disposition, let me break it down for you (list of numbers alert):
14 Heldrake
200 Chaos Space Marines
365 Cultists
49 Terminators (I want 9 to be Justaerian Terminators fot Abaddon's guard)
40 Chosen
60 Warp Talons
50 Raptors
15 Helbrutes
14 Spawn
11 HQ units
58 Rhinos
5 Land Raiders
140 Havocs
9 Forgefiends
4 Maulerfiends
18 Obliterators
18 Mutilators
50 Bikers (51 bikes)
60 Plague Marines
60 Thousand Sons
60 Noise Marines
60 Khorne Berzerkers
20 Possessed
2 Defilers

It is safe to say that im a VERY long way off of my goal and will be for some time.

Edit (28/12/2013)
So far I have:
20 Cultists
6 Chosen
5 Possessed
1 Helbrute
1 Heldrake
1 Rhino
6 Thousand Sons
7 Khorne Berzerkers
27 Chaos Space Marines
4 HQ units

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