Sunday, 8 February 2015

February Challenge Pt 1

Evening folks! It's almost midnight here and I'm having a little trouble sleeping so I thought this would be a perfect time to update you all on my painting challenge. Any regular readers will know that I'm engaged in a friendly painting challenge with my gaming group WS10 and my last post was about my January challenge which was completing three Justaerin Terminators.

This month I've gone bigger and started a Helbrute. The Powerfist and Multi-Melta Helbrute was a lot of fun to paint and this one is living up to that experience in that every new colour I add brings a little more of him to life. What you'll see below is the progress I've made on him over the past week which isn't bad. 

As you can see I've blacked out all of the armour, painted the trim and I've started on the fleshy parts. Once they're done I'll base the silver metal parts and the grey for the bone parts and then begin with highlights.

The load out he has to me leans towards Slaanesh (long barrel gun and whips) so there will be some pink on this guy but I think he's man enough to carry it off nicely.

Even with the parts I messed up (couldn't get some pipes to fit where they were supposed to) I still think this is an amazing model and I have to thank my awesome mom for this as it was a Christmas present from her.

I've been painting this on my lunch breaks mostly with my time at home being split between several different projects; some Warhammer related and some not. 

Now I have been a little naughty and spent some of my points on a biker body for my Lord conversion so I've already taken a hit to my painting points but I had enough so it's ok.

Anyway that's all the progress I have to show so far so adieu for now!

Points earned: 0
Current points total: 11
Total money earned: £11.00
Current model budget: £6.00

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  1. Looking good Luke. I've always been a fan of the hellbrutes. They are such cool models!


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