Thursday, 4 April 2013

Rumour Mills and Brain Cogs

This isn't strictly a Daemons post but I want to post this and I thought this would be the best place for it.

Recently I read a rumour over on Faeit 212 that Tyranids are due to be hauled over in time for January 2014 which got me thinking about my old Tyranid army and especially my old Zoanthrope (which even to this day I have no idea what happened to it or my Biovore) and how much I enjoyed the Tyranids army in general. As a result I've decided that when they get their turn in the 6th edition spotlight I want to start a new Hive Fleet and I'll do it properly this time instead of chopping and changing bits for my other armies.

Returning to Daemons and Chaos now I've also made a decision regarding my two blogs in that I plan to merge them into one; specifically this one. The reason for this is that I always feel guilty that my other blog seems to get less attention than this one but I'm still not getting much by way of inspiration for my Chaos Marines lately. My Daemons are going from strength to strength and inspiration floods my brain on a daily basis but not for my Dark Astartes so far. Oh except for a funky, fluff-related idea for my possessed Marines but beyond the basic concept I still don't quite know what to do to bring it to life.

I think I'm going to do another to do lost for my Daemons because the last one got me quite motivated to finish even though I got through it very slowly. In fact that will be my next post because I can't really sleep right now so stay tuned for to do list number 2.

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