Monday, 1 April 2013

Ready the Cannons!

If you read my previous posts when the new Daemon codex/army book/models were all released then you'll know I wasn't impressed with the Skull Cannon/Blood Throne of Khorne. I officially take it all back, this thing looks like so much fun!

I wanted to get the new White Dwarf and a Herald of Khorne because (all going to plan) I should be having my first official game next Sunday and I wanted to field all four Heralds. Unfortunately neither the Birmingham nor the Dudley store had one in but the Dudley store had the aforementioned Khorne artillery which allows the building of one Herald. He is meant to be sat on the Blood Throne but I've fixed mine up as a Skull Cannon leaving all those lovely Herald parts just sitting around doing nothing so I grabbed a base and turned him into a Herald on foot. He was holding a chain that attaches to the Chariot but Shamus gave me a pretty cool idea to give him two swords instead so I cut off the chains and I'm waiting for the arrival of a Bloodletter arm so I can steal the sword from it. I may cut it down slightly so that he has a sword and a dagger but I'm not sure on that one just yet.

Now the problem I have with my game on Sunday is that I don't really want to field any unpainted models but I've still not finished the Bloodletters, my Daemonettes are still on square bases, my Herald of Nurgle has only had the base coats done, my Herald of Tzeentch has only had skin done but I've made a few changes to him so he needs more base coats and some priming, my Herald of Slaanesh is only primed and my new Herald of Khorne isn't even complete. Add to that my burning chariot is primed but in pieces, my Skull Cannon isn't finished with the assembly and my plague drones take a day each to not even be close to finished and it looks like I may have bitten off more than I can chew...

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