Thursday, 28 March 2013

Winged Pestilence

These models have really served to show just how fast a painter I'm not as its taken me all day today to get to this stage and he's still not finished. Plus there's the other two to go but we just won't mention that... That doesn't count by the way.

To recap what I'd done already I'd done the ink wash over the body, painted the carapace black and I think that was about it. Yesterday I painted one side of a wing in my chosen (ha!) colours and today was mostly about the rest of the wings. If you read my previous post you'll understand why I laugh at the idea that I specifically chose this colour scheme. In reality the only thing I chose was that I didn't want the colours to be too bright but I didn't want yet more black and grey but that's really not the issue here, is it?

Today I painted the wings (Elysian Green, Seraphim Sepia, Nurgling Green and I will later edge highlight in Ogryn Camo but I haven't done that yet), highlighted the carapace with Dawnstone, painted the eyes (Eshin Grey, Dawnstone and Rakarth Flesh), highlighted some of the boils and pustules (Lamenter's Yellow and Bloodletter), painted the teeth (Zandri Dust, Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull) and painted the heads visible in the stomach (some in flesh tones as though they've just been eaten and some with greying flesh as though they've been decomposing for a while). I also managed to do the Elysian Green base and the Seraphim Sepia wash on the wings of the other drones too but I'm focussing on one so that I can see how the other two will turn out if that makes any sense at all.

What I've got left to do is the rest of the boils and pustules, the claws and the obligatory blood and guts that has become part of the staple of my Nurgle forces. Can't exactly have a split open stomach and no gushing blood now can you? I don't think so unless there are frost issues involved but that's going a little too far.

I'm really liking how these are turning out and I think the green of the wings gives them a nice spot colour to break up the darker tones but its at a shade where it still looks natural and it's not as offensive to the eyes as a Tzeentch Daemon would be. I also like how the little mouth on the bottom looks slightly cartoony; it adds a nice comedic touch to an otherwise disturbing model.

Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think or if you'd do anything differently :)

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