Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Learning to Fly

This evening saw two things accomplished; the first was a base coat on my Herald of Tzeentch (nothing too exciting there yet so no picture until I know what I'm doing with him) and the second was to finally figure out my Plague Drone wings!!

My Herald is currently a nice and deep pink as his body will be mainly like the Pink Horrors but I want to add some funky colour mixes too but I'm not sure which colours, where on his body or how I'm going to blend so until I get further inspiration he's just going to go pink.

My Plague Drone wing scheme was basically a "lets just splash on a bit of this and add a touch of that and see what happens" situation and I think it turned out rather well. I took inspiration from White Dwarf and painted them in green but the Cabalite Green they used didn't really match the look I was aiming for so I based the wings with Elysian Green. I was then planning to use Athonian Camoshade but I wanted to create a rotting and decayed feel so went with Seraphim Sepia (toss-up between that and Reikland Fleshshade, the Sepia won out) and liberally applied over the wing. The next stage was to highlight with Nurgling Green and then some edge highlights in Ogryn Camo which have shown up as quite subtle but they're visible enough to create some pretty smooth lines along the wing membranes or whatever they are.

So far I've done one side of one wing but I'm pretty pleased with the end result so that's how I'll be painting the wings in future.

That's me over and out then, it's been short but very sweet. Ciao for now.

1 comment:

  1. This is a good start. Nice, rancid, moth-like wing!


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