Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Nurgle Paced Progress

We all know the pace that Nurgle daemons move at. Very very slow. That's basically where I am with my projects right now, I'm getting through them but really slowly.

Yesterday I did some work on my herald of Tzeentch, or angry Papa Smurf as I'm currently calling him because he's all blue. I know, so original.

The other day I worked on The Changeling (as you saw) but today has been reserved for my chariot, or The Beast as I like to call it. Ironic that in an army full of actual beasts it's the non-living structure that gets that nickname.

I've almost fully painted the lower platform of the chassis (just got to dry brush it now) and I've gone to the 3rd layer on the top chassis. The wheels have had their base of Warplock Bronze but the main thing to come out of today is that every single piece is constructed for the chariot; chassis, steeds and now Daemonettes. I decided that my riders can have a whip each instead of two claws. This satisfies my need for order as I have four whips and four claws on four Daemonettes; one with two whips, one with two claws and two with one of each. It also looks pretty damn good too (or at least I think it does, see for yourself).

From a gameplay perspective I'm pretty sure that the whips will affect whether the chariot can be flanked or not because models can't get close enough to the sides to flank. Of course I may be wrong but it'd be cool of it worked. It would mean that the only way to flank the chariot would be from behind but if anything survives long enough to be able to mount a rear attack then the rest of the army will have caught up and will just annihilate whatever the chariot left. Of course whether the flanking is possible or not I'm pretty sure that's going to happen anyway.

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