Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dancing Queen

Today saw the beginning of a new era of Slannesh when The Masque danced into my display case. I was going to paint it like my other Daemonettes but I've decided that they're too purple. I won't be repainting the Daemonettes but no more Slaanesh Daemons will be done in purple, they will be done like I've done The Masque.

I decided to make the model do what the character is described as doing i.e. assault the senses. Of course I can't simulate stimulation of four of the senses so I'm having to just affect sight. I've given her human flesh and made her look rather ordinary in direct contrast to the fact that she has clawed feet, 3 arms and a monster face. The idea is that her appearance is both natural and unnatural at the same time which is impossible yet possible because I've done it (I think).

My favourite part of the whole model is the dress part. I didn't want to go purple or black because that's what is expected so I went with red. I got the idea while trying to find inspiration through googling historical dress styles when I saw a woman dressed as the Red Queen from Alice Through the Looking Glass (though how that costume came about I've no idea because the book isn't illustrated). There are 5 or 6 different reds on that skirt and it took a while to do but I'm really pleased with the results.

I went for blue eyes instead of the usual red for two reasons: a) there was a lot of red already in the dress and b) red eyes is too stereotypical so I went with blue. Much more visually striking.

I also started painting The Changeling but got far too into The Masque to really do more than a little bit but there's pictures of him on here too.

I kept the purple hair on The Masque as I've decided that all Slaanesh units will have purple hair as the unifier. Other than that, Slaanesh units will be more varied than I originally planned.

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