Saturday, 15 September 2012

Nurgling Update

After my last post I was thinking that the Nurglings just weren't working for me but I couldn't quite put my finger on why. As I was dry brushing the bases I realised there were two things bugging me. 1) I hadn't done anything with the maggots in some of their stomachs. 2) The blue Nurgling on the front of one of the bases didn't look finished so I cast my mind through the diseases I know of that turn flesh blue and all the ones I could think of eventually led to no oxygen supplied to the extremities. This got me thinking, instead of blood and gore, that one should have dead flesh so parts of his fingers and toes were painted black and around the split flesh was also blackened. It's a small thing but doing it has made me feel much better about the entire unit.

My favourite of all the Nurglings has to be the front one with his eye being poked out. I actually painted a lot of blood around the area to look like it's just happened and I love it.

Anyway, updated pictures are below.

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