Friday, 14 September 2012

Turning the Wheels

Today has been quite a busy day for construction. I assembled both wheels, the two stands and two of the four seekers for my Exalted Chariot of Slaanesh (pictures to follow). I've also constructed and primed The Masque and The Changeling. In light of having The Changeling I've decided to convert and repaint the model I was using as an Iridescent Horror to become a Herald of Tzeentch on foot because The Changeling replaces the Iridescent Horror. Also now I can fit the standard bearer and the musician in the front rank (once I actually get round to finishing them I'll show you) which my amazing modelling skills had prevented with the Iridescent as unit champion.

The main modelling job of today was assembling the Chariot. My life that was a lot of round spikey bits! I have to say though I'm impressed with myself because I've only put one piece in backwards and unless I told you which piece you probably wouldn't notice which one it was.

Paint wise my main project today has been my Nurglings. Now I must confess that I didn't spend as much time on them and the detail but I still did some funky things with them. The main thing (taken from my little experiment with the Nurglings on my Plaguebearers) has been to alter the colour of their skin with the four glazes. Not all of them but one or two just for a little splash of colour.

There's a little addition on one of the swarms because I've gotten so used to champions in a unit that I felt strange not having one so I added a shield to the base of one of them from the Warhammer Basing Kit which I've bronzed up and weathered. It had to be weathered, it'd look weird all shiny with a Nurgle unit nearby.

I'd just like to thank Tamiya Color for releasing shade X-27 because it's made gore painting that much simpler. I'll be dry brushing the bases later/tomorrow and then using my Purity Seal for the first time :D

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