Saturday, 22 September 2012


Oh dear Gods it's beautiful! While not strictly a Daemons post I feel this will be the beginning of something amazing and will quite possibly end up as my second blog. New Chaos Space Marines release!!!!!!

The advance order stuff is enough to practically mind rape any geek and leave him/her with that tingly glow that you get after special times. I was already excited about Dark Vengeance but this is just making me go over the edge.

From what I can see this release really gives the Chaos Marines their own identity as an army as opposed to them just being naughty space marines. This is done by updating the look of the army and including new war machine beasts like the heldrake and the forgefiend which I will blatantly be having at some point.

What's nice about this is that I don't yet have Dark Vengeance set so hopefully I'll have seen the new army book by the time I get it so I can decide how to paint my models in like with a chapter or two. I think what we're witnessing here is the eventual birth of blog number 2 and I'll write a more in depth review of the new products there. Woo to new Chaos stuff :D

Edit (3/6/2013): I did have a second blog but it got neglected so I just mixed the two into one blog so this is the only one. I still have the blog under the old domain but strictly to redirect people here.

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