Sunday, 23 September 2012

Praise be to Tzeentch!

Or at least that's along the lines of my latest project will say. Completed: one Herald of Tzeentch with pictures to follow below.

As my horrors are all pink I made him blue to contrast. To mark him as more than just a horror (and also to represent one of his gifts) I cut the tongue and tonsils away and added a metal arm from the old horrors. I had 2 old arms, both with and without flame but I decided to give my herald the Flames of Tzeentch gift so I chose the flame hand.

Once I'd done all of the painting I decided to take a huge risk and try a light effect from the flame. It was a risk because I've never done a glow effect from fire before but I had to at some point so I took the plunge and went for it. Personally I think it's gone really well but I'm biased.

Game-wise, as I said, he's got the Flames of Tzeentch gift and you may be thinking "why give a level 2 Tzeentch wizard a magic flame missile?" Well, the reason for that is I also gave him the Master of Sorcery gift to use the Lore of Life. Now this isn't something a Chaos army can usually use and especially not a Daemon army and that's precisely why I went for it. Picture the scene; the enemy has just hacked down a daemonette unit to the last figure and they're thinking that the next attack will wipe them out and ordinarily they'd probably be right. However in the players magic phase he successfully casts Regrowth (after previously casting Throne of Vines) and restores 7 models. Suddenly the next attack doesn't look as certain... Or an enemy charges the unit of Horrors but doesn't manage to do much/any damage. Herald casts Shield of Thorns and manages to roll high on the 2D6 and the charge suddenly isn't looking like a great idea.

Choosing the Lore of Life really changes how enemies tackle a Daemon army because it adds a lot of extra elements to the mix such as healing and protection as opposed to to pure fire power. This is why the Herald got the Flames of Tzeentch gift so he still has fire power and it doesn't require the use of power dice. The Lore of Tzeentch will be used by the Horrors with a funky way of dealing with miscasts which is pretty cool and means that I can use some pretty awesome magic without wondering whether I'll ever see the wizard again.

So that's my new Herald. I also added the base detail and painted Chaos runes onto the base so it looks like a summoning ritual was used to call the Herald. I then painted blood so it's as if the summoners were taken as the sacrifice and Chaos is unleashed on the world...

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