Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Birds and the Bees

The past few days have been pretty big for my hobby drive and to show for it I've got a few things to show you...

Oh yes ladies and gents, I finished the Heldrake and 10 Horrors! I'm also very near to completion with my Tzeentch sorcerer in Terminator Armour, started playing around with a few ideas for the Tzeentch Herald I don't like (I like the individual components I used to make him but I'm not keen on them all together), worked on an Abaddon conversion, fixed my Exalted Seeker Chariot (the clam pack Herald looks much better on that) and a few other bits too.

Starting with the Heldrake I think my favourite part of him is the wiring under his neck. Something clicked in my head this week and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with him and how he was going to look and this is the result.

I've been using green as a spot colour for my army and helping to tie my more colourful units into the army (i.e. My cultists. The issue I had was that the green on the Heldrake needed to look more functional than decorative and the yellow highlights I was using for the infantry, while effective, didn't create the right effect for me and so for this I decided to not use any yellow whatsoever but used Gauss Blaster Green instead and I'm very pleased with the result as it looks like some form of energy source.

I have a few plans for the base that may or may not require a hot glue gun but that's for another time I'm afraid.

These guys were looking like they might be a problem for me because of my mental block with them last time and this time I couldn't get motivated to paint them at all. The problem being that I don't enjoy painting that much pink. A little bit on a Slaanesh Chosen is fine but that much... I'm not a fan. I decided to shake it up a little and embrace change so I painted them blue and green which was obviously a good idea as I finished in around a week!!

I decided not to do my usual fire with these guys as I wanted to try something a little different. It was my main thought while I was painting the Horrors and I still hadn't come up with a solution when I'd finished everything else so I dug around in my head a little. I had originally planned to paint these Horrors in purple (can't quite remember how they ended up blue) so I decided to create a little homage to the original idea and have purple flames. 

Their feathers were actually inspired by a suggestion by @wilsongrahams on Twitter while I was painting a Tyranid Termagant (more on that another time) who suggested that I look through the Lizardmen army book for some colour scheme inspiration. While I didn't find anything in there I liked for my Tyranids I did quite like how the feathers were done so I went back through my pile o' White Dwarf magazines to the issue from the Lizardmen release and lo and behold there was a quick and easy way of doing the feathers in a way I liked. Basically they were base coated in Ceramite White, given a Lamenters Yellow glaze and then Waywatchers Green was applied in thin coats to create a blend effect. 

So there we have it. After posting this I plan to get some household stuff done (boring) and then crack on with my Tzeentch Terminator sorcerer. I just need to finish his gun and his staff and he's done (I may have gotten impatient and already based him...). So if all goes to plan then I may be powering through another chunk of my armies today.

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