Monday, 1 July 2013

The Life and Times

To anyone that checks my blog with any regularity you may be wondering why I haven't made a post in a while and it's not because I've had nothing to show and tell. Oh no, quite the opposite in fact. Over the last few days I've actually been a very busy beaver in terms of my hobby and that ever annoying hobby buster; real life. So here's a list of what I've been up to and what you're likely to get a post to read over the next few days:

Started my Seekers of Slaanesh unit (one steed is actually finished the rest are at least based as are the riders), rebased, pinned and base coated my Herald of Khorne, painted a Necron Warrior (I'll explain later), started again with my Skull Cannon and then finished the Skull Cannon over the course of the last two days, took delivery of and cleaned up three Bloodcrushers, received and devoured White Dwarf (I don't usually do reviews but this one is worth doing), repainted the spots on my Great Unclean One (but they still need to be varnished) and put every single Chaos related model I own (both painted and unpainted) into my display cabinet to see if it all fits. It does. Barely.

That's just the hobby stuff, there is some real life crap that you're not here to read about and there's actually been some crossover... Firstly in the form of my nephew wanting to start an army (I'm teaching him how to paint and play) and secondly due to the fact that I'm looking into opening my very own hobby centre so my life has been very much Games Workshop oriented of late. Which probably explains the sudden explosion in terms of desire to paint. Lately all I want to do it paint which is lucky because I have a lot to do. The only thing I'm allowing myself to buy now is paints. No more models at all until all of what I have is painted up.

Anyway just thought I'd leave an update so that everyone knows I'm still alive and that I haven't abandoned the paint brushes. In fact it's quite the opposite and I look forward to showing you everything I've done to date.

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