Monday, 1 July 2013

Soulless Machines

Now you may be wondering why I'm posting about Necrons when I've got loads of Daemons and CSMs to do but don't worry I haven't switched sides. If you're sitting comfortably then I'll tell you a little story about how this Necron came to be a part of my blog.
You may recall that my 7 year old nephew painted a Hormagaunt that I featured in a previous post (if not then click the link to see what he did). Following that he was pestering me to paint some more but I didn't have anything that he could paint so I told him to go do some research and really think about what it is that he likes. Unsurprisingly he came back that he liked Daemons and Chaos Space Marines and wanted to paint them like I paint mine. I told him no because he should find something that he likes and not copy for the sake of it. I didn't hear anything more on the subject for a while and thought he'd given up but then he comes back and decides he likes the Necrons. Now that definitely came from him because I don't really like them and he doesn't associate with anyone that does so this is clearly his own choice so I tell him to go off and look into them; their back story, the different units, different colour schemes etc which he dutifully does. Unfortunately he decides to pick individual things from different schemes that involve more colours than an Apocalypse size unit of Harlequins so I had to reign him in. I told him to choose one colour scheme and he decided on Silver, Black and Green. 

I bought him 4 Necron Warriors from eBay (sorry GW but I'm not paying for a full box if he doesn't like them/can't do it) and painted one up in his chosen colour scheme for him to copy.

I started with Leadbelcher all over absolutely everything and then washed it all with Nuln Oil. I drybrushed with Ironbreaker, Runefang Steel and Necron Compound. I then painted the raised areas of the gun in Abaddon Black and drybrushed with Dawnstone. The shoulders were painted with Abaddon Black and drybrushed with Warpstone Glow and Moot Green. The black was then reapplied where I'd accidentally slipped with the brush.

The motif in the centre of the chest was painted with Balthasar, Gehenna's and Auric Armour Gold over a background of Abaddon Black and Dawnstone. The tube was base coated with Kabalite Green then highlighted up with Warpstone Glow and Moot Green then further highlighted with mixes of Moot Green and White Scar until I reached near white in a very small part. The glowing effect around the eyes was done with Moot Green and White Scar.

I deliberately kept the colour scheme simple so that my nephew would be able to copy it but used a lot more paints than strictly necessary to force him to wait a while before finishing each model. The reason for this is that he has the patience of a gnat with ADD which doesn't really work with this hobby so I'm trying to teach him to be patient and that by being patient he can really achieve some great results. 

If he keeps up with the painting I'll post more about his growing army as and when he adds to it.

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