Monday, 29 July 2013

More Blood for the Blood God!

Yes it's true, I'm running low on Daemon puns to put in my titles. I'll work on that later but I know you're not here for witty titles because you're here to see my latest work. As my not so subtle title suggests its a Khorne unit and if you read my Juggernaut sneak peek then you'll probably already know what it is. For those that didn't then here it is: one converted Herald of Khorne!!

I used the Herald that was left over from my Skull Cannon (because I didn't want to build the Blood Throne), supported the raised foot, took away his chain and have him an extra sword. All the better to decapitate his victims as is evidenced by the pile he's stepping on. 

Now I don't quite understand why but he has come out darker than my Bloodletters but it's cool. I like the darker look and I may try and get my Bloodcrusher riders to look like this because I'm liking the darker colours. It keeps the typical Khorne scheme but with a twist and you know I love a good twist.
I added the purple tassle to the bottom of the skulls as a subtle nod to the hatred between Khorne and Slaanesh. You may notice that I didn't repeat the heated blade that I tried with the Skull Cannon Bloodletter and that's because I don't like it. I'm wondering whether to go over it or not but that's another story.
All metal was painted in the same way as the metal from the Skull Cannon which will also match my Juggernaut and any other Khornate armour I have to paint  for my Daemons.
So there we have my latest addition. Let me know your thoughts :)

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