Saturday, 20 July 2013

Iron and Blood

I was going to wait until I'd finished the riders but I'm actually in love with my latest project and I have to show it off. Introducing my very first Juggernaut of Khorne!!!

I'm so pleased with how it looks! The red armour and the brass looks so dark and then the silver is a lot brighter and breaks it up. I did think about giving it a Nuln Oil wash but there isn't a lot of silver and it's not detracting from the model.

I love the posing as well as it has the look of a charging beast. I think it would have held with just glue but I wanted to make sure it did and pinned it just to make sure.

The whole thing was painted in the same way as my Skull Cannon by following the Paint Splatter guide from July's White Dwarf. The brass was painted by basing the whole model in Warplock Bronze and then drybrushed with Balthasar Gold, Gehenna's Gold and Sycorax Bronze. This was then given an Agrax Earthshade wash to finish it off and dull down the shine.

The armour plates were again based with Warplock Bronze but that was the only paint on them. The next layer was Bloodletter and a wash of Carroburg Crimson to dull the shine and turn the metal a deep red. An effect I very much like.

So now I'm on a Khorne roll and I'm working on my slightly converted Herald of Khorne. Hopefully I'll be at least close to finished tonight if not actually finished which would be FANTASTIC!! *ahem* I may have gotten a little over excited there. I'll update when he's done and hopefully that should be soon. It's strange though because I've never been a Khorne fan but since figuring out the Skull Cannon I've just really been in a Khorne mood. Go figure.

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