Thursday, 22 August 2013

Death to the False Emperor!!!

That's right everyone, I'm back and I've been sucked in by the Black Legion hype! Now I know a lot of you aren't happy with the Black Legion supplement but I haven't seen it yet so I don't have an opinion on it and also this isn't about the supplement so let's have a little less hate. Have we set the hate aside? Good, then I'll continue with my first post in forever.

I decided today that it was about time I sat down and painted something so I stared at my display cabinet for a while to see what jumped out at me. After about 5 minutes of staring (no exaggeration) I settled on my Chosen, specifically the one with the axe. Now when I read the Codex and saw that Chosen are troops when Abbadon is the Warlord I knew I had to paint them as Black Legion. Because black is surprisingly not easy to paint I watched a few tutorials to get some ideas but I wasn't really getting captivated by any of their ideas because I wanted my Chosen to be dedicated to one of the Chaos Gods.

So I lied, there's a little Supplement content here but it's relevant I promise. I've seen the preview pages for the Supplement and read about the Hounds of Abbadon (Black Legion Khorne devotees) so I was wondering whether the other three Gods had units in the Black Legion and to my joy and surprise the Supplement has introduced the Hounds of Abbadon, The Sons of the Cyclops (Tzeentch worshippers), Children of Torment (Slaanesh followers) and Bringers of Decay (venerators of Nurgle). If any of you have read my other Blog Posts then you'll know that I want my units to reflect the fluff so the inclusion and acknowledgement of the different Marks in the Black Legion meant that I could indulge my desire to Mark my Chosen without sacrificing my love of fluff based units.

After this discovery (I hadn't seen the pictures I've included in the blog at this point) I was then left with the decision of which God should my Chosen worship? To answer this I turned to the Codex and looked at the different Marks and their effects and was answered thusly; Khorne grants Rage and Counter Attack, Slaanesh grants +1 Initiative, Tzeentch grants +1 to an invulnerable save (or a 6+ save if the unit doesn't have one) and Nurgle gives +1 Toughness. Now I'll freely admit that without having played a game with CSM since either the 2nd or 3rd edition (not sure which) I can't say I'm exactly a tactical expert with these guys so my next step was to trawl the Internet to see which Mark you guys think is the best Mark. After reading more forums than I care to remember it came down to Khorne and Nurgle and seeing as I haven't used my Rust Effect in far too long I decided to choose Nurgle. I bet he's so pleased right now.

So I've got the project and an idea of what I'm doing with it so my next problem was how am I going to do it? Just as an aside, you're getting a huge insight into how I go about a project here. It's my research based background, it breaks out occasionally. Anyway, my next move was to hunt down pictures of Nurgle worshipping Black Legionnaires which turned out to be more difficult than I thought through Google. I tried a million combinations of search terms and came up with nothing so I pulled it right back and just Googled "Black Legion". I know, so simple, so brilliant and I so should have thought of it sooner but hindsight and all that. I went through the 40k Wiki entry and that's where I found the information on the 4 God specific sub-cultures and I also found... PICTURES!!! In fact they are the pictures I'm featuring above and the reason I'm including them is a) because pictures are breaking up what has rapidly become a long blog and b) so that they are all in one easy to find place. Sometimes I spoil you...

So how does any of this relate to my project? Simple. I started painting up a Bringer of Decay. Told you it was simple. Now he's very much still a work in progress and I haven't really done much besides use copious amounts of Agrax Earthshade for weathering just yet but here he is.

Again I point out that he's a WORK IN PROGRESS!! Just in case anyone feels like telling me that he's not had his back pack thing (never really been sure what it's supposed to be...) touched at all or that he doesn't look very rotten/Nurgle-esque just bear with me. At the minute all I've done is the armour trim (gold for the shoulder pads and helmet and silver for the rest), red for the gun and I've done the leather work because there was a tiny bit to do and it needed Agrax over it so I did it before I washed the whole model. That way I only needed the wash once; clever aren't I?

I've started on the Axe but I'm literally winging it because I don't know what I want it to look like yet and it's the only part of the model I don't have a clear idea of yet. There's still a lot of work to be done and he needs to look more gross and diseased but I do need to sleep at some point. And that point is right now so I'll bid you goodnight and leave you with a parting shot of a close up.

And remember that just because someone is bigger than you it doesn't mean they're tougher. Unless they're carrying a grenade launcher and a samurai sword then it's a safe assumption. Alla Prossima!!!

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