Monday, 17 June 2013

Steady as she Goes

Today has been less about new projects and more about making progress on the projects I've got going at the moment and we'll start with the Herald of Nurgle. I've mentioned in a few previous posts that I wasn't sure what to do to make him better for me but I finally worked it out and the result is...

I repainted the innards in the usual way (Bugman's Glow, Cadian Fleshtone and Kislev Flesh) but instead of using Tamiya X-27 I simply used Bloodletter glaze. This way they still look like intestines and such but they aren't so gore oriented. I also repainted the pustules to match the Plague Drone (Tallarn Sand, 50/50 Tallarn Sand and Ushabti Bone, Carroburg Crimson and pure Ushabti Bone) and I'm now much more satisfied with how he looks.
I also finished off the Tyranid Hormagaunt that my nephew started which basically entailed painting all the really small details like the teeth and those ridged parts in the skin, did the basic skin work for the Bloodletter that will be guiding my Skull Cannon, painted the silver areas of the Skull Cannon itself and started researching colour schemes for my Cultists. For them I've decided that each Cultist will be unique but there will be something that is the same across all the models so I'll probably have those Chaos Star pendants all the same to show that they're individuals that are part of a secret underground society. By painting them this way I can give them a mark of Chaos in games if I like without having to paint thousands of cultists for each of the four Gods and for Chaos Undivided. The only problem now is deciding how to paint them all and making sure they're all different. 

I may get the additional box of 5 and convert them all into Standard Bearers and give them all the 5 different marks so that the unit(s) can have a physical representation for gaming purposes.

Tomorrow I want to finish the base coat on the teeth on the Skull Cannon and spray my Berzerker Champion ready for painting. I also want to research my next tactical article too and write it if possible. I also have a test to finish, coursework to go over and a business plan to start writing. Looks like I'll be a busy beaver tomorrow...

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