Thursday, 20 June 2013

Only the Initiated

After a fantastic day out with some friends I had a random flash of inspiration on the bus ride home. I'd been mulling over a few options for my Cultists for a while and wondering which Legion I should tie them to and how I should do it but then I came to the conclusion that they can be representative of ALL the legions and as I have 20 of them I'll get some decent coverage of all of the Traitor Legions. My first in inspired by the Emperor's Children and their worship of Slaanesh (I had a lot of fun painting my Sorceress and I guess I rode the Slaanesh wave). Now I'll admit that he took a while (4 hours almost exactly) but as I look at him I think it was worth it and I hope that you'll agree.

The face and hair is where we'll start discussing how I painted this model because that's the order of my pictures. His skin was painted in my usual skin colouring way (Bugman's Glow, Cadian Fleshtone and Kislev Flesh) and the hair was painted with Rhinox Hide, Gorthor Brown and drybrushed with Baneblade Brown. After that it was again drybrushed with Wazdakka Red and given a Druchii Violet wash to intensify the red highlights in his hair. The shoulder pads were painted in Leadbelcher, Iron Breaker and Runefang Steel before being washed with Druchii Violet (as was the arm plate and the barrel of the shotgun). The only bit of silver metal that didn't get the Druchii Violet treatment is the piece hanging from his belt which got a Drakenhoff Nightshade wash instead. The tattoo was painted with Abaddon Black and highlighted with Dawnstone.

His trousers started as Caledor Sky, had a wash of Drakenhoff Nightshade and were successively highlighted with Altdorf Guard Blue, Calgar Blue and Ferisian Grey. The inside of the coat was painted in Screamer Pink, Pink Horror and Emperor's Children. The plates around his leg (as well as the sword handle and the metal work on the shotgun) are Balthasar Gold, Gehenna's Gold and Auric Armour Gold. His belt was painted with Troll Slayer Orange and highlighted with Fire Dragon Bright and the accessories were based with Elysian Green and highlighted with Nurgling Green. The shoes were highlighted from the black with Eshin Grey and Dawnstone.

The coat is something I'm particularly proud of because I've never really been that good at painting leather but I'm really impressed with this. It was based in Rhinox Hide, highlighted with Gorthor Brown and then washed with Agrax Earthshade. The belt was done in Xerus Purple and highlighted with Genestealer Purple while the Chaos Star was started with Kabalite Green, then Warpstone Glow, Moot Green and a little bit of Flash Gitz Yellow/

Last but not least, the fringe was painted with Averland Sunset, then Yriel Yellow and Flash Gitz Yellow. I haven't based him yet because I've run out of stuff to do it with so he's not fully finished but the model is. Let me know what you think :)

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