Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dance of the Devil

I've done exactly what I said I'd do today and I've not only started but also finished my Herald of Slaanesh and she's looking rather lovely. My favourite part is her face purely because I had a small stroke of inspiration and decided to make more of a feature of it. I saw a picture in an issue of White Dwarf where someone had painted make up onto an Elf and I decided to adapt the idea to my Herald except I only used a deep red and I intentionally smudged it a little so that it could simply be that her make up is stretching as her form is returning to that of a Daemon or it could be blood from her latest victim and what it is will be decided by the person that sees it. Of course a lot of people will just think its a bad paint job but I'm prepared for that.

For her hair I decided to make it different to the rest of the Slaaneshi army so that she instantly stands out from the unit of Daemonettes she will inevitably run with. I took the colour scheme from the Flamers so that the units tie into one another but also to personify the phrase "burning passion" because that's what Slaanesh is all about, except burning passion might be somewhat of an understatement.

She was a pain in the ass to paint but I quite like the overall effect. The bone of the horns stands out from the hair but without being too crazy, the black of the armour does sort of remind me of rubber (I was going for a sort of fetish type thing being as she's basically an uber dominatrix) and I like the way the Temple Guard Blue peeps out here and there.

Overall I think she will blend in quite nicely with my Daemonettes (once they're repainted of course) but she'll stand out as being different too.

You may have noticed with my more recent entries that I haven't done any kind of list of gifts and upgrades for my finished units and that's because I can't choose them any more so I can't plan ahead the way I did.

Anyway let me know what you think.

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