Thursday, 2 May 2013

From His Mouth...

Inspiration finally hit! After having them sat on my shelf since just after the Dark Vengeance release I actually had an idea for a Word Bearers Dark Apostle (it seemed the most appropriate Legion from a fluff perspective).

He's not quite finished yet as you'll see but he's looking good already. His armour was started with a 50/50 mix of Abbadon Black and Khorne red, then drybrushed with pure KR, then another drybrushing with Wazdakka Red. The detail on the armour was picked out with edge highlights in Wazdakka and then the whole thing was washed with Bloodletter.

The armour rim was painted with Leadbelcher and the whole model (red armour plates included) was given a Nuln Oil wash. Now you might be wondering why I washed the red as well when I'd just used the Bloodletter glaze to intensify the red and the answer is quite a simple one; I wanted an intense but deep red and this was how I figured out how to get it. I wanted the layers of red and for them to be intensified but bright red armour is a trademark of the World Eaters so it needed to be darker to match the darkness of the history of the Legion. And also to make sure no one thinks he's a World Eater. Mainly the second one.

The parchment that flows ever so freely around the Dark Apostle was based with Rakarth Flesh and given a Seraphim Sepia wash and that is as far as I got yesterday (all that edge highlighting took a very long time). Today I plan to finish the parchment, paint his face and paint his Crozius Arcanum. I might do some highlights on the silver but I sort of like the darkness so it won't be a bright highlight.

I actually have enjoyed this one so far and it has been a nice and refreshing change from the Daemons. I have mentioned a few times that inspiration has been lacking on the CSM front but I'm hoping that this will be the start of a wave that I can surf through my unpainted models.

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