Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pestilent Harbinger

I actually intended to post this last week but I've been so busy that I didn't get chance to do more than the first paragraph which was very date specific so I have to start again.

Last week (the day after my anniversary post) I started and finished my Nurgle Herald and while I do like it I feel like there's something missing... I don't know what though. I'm going to add a little character to the base later on and have a think about what I can do to improve the Herald but for now he's done. He's table worthy anyway. See the pics below and feel free to leave suggestions as to what I can do.

I think today will be the day I at least start my Herald of Slaanesh and maybe even finish. I have a funky idea for her hair so that she stands out from the others (I've decided to repaint the purple ones to match the Daemonettes on the Seeker Chariot and The Masque). The reason I want to make a point of having her stand out is that in the White Dwarf issue when the Daemons were released it was difficult to distinguish the Herald amongst the rest of the Daemonettes and I think she should really stand out. The Herald of Khorne is bigger and wears armour, the Herald of Nurgle is even more gross than the Plaguebearers and the Herald of Tzeentch is just bizarre (especially with the moon head) but the Herald of Slaanesh is just a Daemonette with slightly bigger hair and extra cloth so she will be extra funky to compensate.

I do have to pop out for a little while to pick up the new White Dwarf and to add a few more paints to my collection but other than that I'm pretty much having a painting day today and after the week I've had I think I deserve it. Anyway pictures of the Herald of Nurgle are below because I'm posting this from the app.

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